Advice on companies' internationalisation

The access to new markets, the consolidation of activities into those in which the company is already present, the setting up and the implementation in other Countries of operative, productive, commercial or financial entities, suitable to enable the government of the internationalisation dynamics, all represent critical factors in the company’s success.

In this perspective Cortellazzo & Soatto has over the years, either directly or in collaboration with the international network of which it is a co-founder, acquired experiences, contacts and professional relationships that allow it to support the entrepreneur and the management in the following activities:
  • assistance at the stage of choosing the geographical location for new operating entities;
  • analysis of the civil, tax and labour law of the host Country;
  • analysis of economic-financial feasibility and profitability, including taxation, of the entrepreneurial initiative through the development of business planning models, integrated with tax planning models;
  • definition of the scheme of the formal legal presence to establish in the host Country (branch, company, representative office);
  • assistance in international contracting, also with reference to joint ventures;
  • direct assistance, or alternatively through mother tongue professionals, in carrying out the operative activities related to the implementation and management of the entrepreneurial initiative in start-up, consolidation and liquidation phases;
  • preparing budgeting and reporting models to monitor the initiative’s development;
  • setting up of management and optimisation models of the financial flows within multi-national groups. 
Assisting multi-national groups, Cortellazzo & Soatto acquired a proven experience in drawing up transfer pricing models including the procedures and the documentation (Master File) required by supranational Organisms, by the legislation and by the internal regulations, in the application of double taxation treaties and in defence of tax assesments about direct and indirect taxation with regard to overseas relationships.