Business contracts, corporate organisations and structures, asset protection

The definition and regulation of the relationships that involve companies, businesses, assets, management and auditing boards, individuals and interest groups require the drawing up and updating of contracts, organisational models and procedures, capable of an effective and dynamic government of the shareholding structures, the detention and use of resources, the allocation of risks, generation taking overs, the government and management of companies, groups, businesses and assets, and relationships between groups and various stakeholders.

The legal, economic-financial and organisational consultancy in this area of expertise requires the capacity to govern the aspects constituting the basis of the contractual equilibrium between various stakeholders, as also the adequacy of models adopted in the corporate field and in the registration of assets, and the operation of the mechanisms that govern the balance between majority and minority holdings, between shareholders and management, between boards and managers, between holders of different responsibilities in the organisations.

Competences are involved throughout the fields of civil and penal law, corporate and financial market law, national, community and international law, succession law, industrial property law and financial brokers legislation, special regulations on trust and fiduciary registrations, together with economic-financial, business and tax competences.

The consultancy and assistance that Cortellazzo & Soatto is able to provide in this area of expertise, through its own teams of lawyers and chartered accountants, covers:
  • commercial business contracts entered into with financiers, financial brokers and merchant banks;
  • real estate contracts;
  • labour contracts and labour law;
  • contracts on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy law;
  • company network contracts;
  • the drawing up of articles of association, the drawing up and the management of trades union agreements;
  • the drawing up of models and structures to manage and regulate companies and groups;
  • the settlement of family assets, the management of generation taking overs, the drawing up of family agreements, appointments of trust mandates and appointments as executor of testamentary dispositions;
  • the setting up and regulations of trusts and fiduciary registrations;
  • appointments as member of corporate governance organisms;
  • appointments as arbitrator or conciliator;
  • appointments of fiduciary mandates;
  • the drawing up organisational models according to Italian legislation D.Lgs. no  231/2001;
  • checking systems and procedures on the basis of their compliance with special regulations (privacy, administrative responsibility of institutions, sector regulations);
  • due diligence on contractual matters and legal procedures; appointments as member of Supervisory Boards.
For activities that require the appointment of non resident professionals or the accomplishment of fulfilments in Foreign Countries, Cortellazzo & Soatto collaborates with qualified professionals of the international network to which it belongs.