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Corporate finance

Planning the development of the management, advanced understanding of the critical factors and the impact on economics, finance and equity of the entrepreneurial choices, defining in a correct and sustainable way the procedures and sources of finance, implementing investment, recovery or exit strategy projects according to current values and expected returns and checking periodically the value generated or lost, are all essential and high-responsible activities for the company and the management.

In these areas of expertise, Cortellazzo & Soatto assists the shareholders and the management of companies both in the ordinary management of company finance, and in merger & acquisition, turnaround and project financing operations, with its multi-disciplinary teams of professionals, in activities such as:
  • the strategic planning;
  • the economic-financial planning;
  • the assessment of profits and the sensitivity analysis of decisions;
  • the capital budgeting;
  • the assessment of investment projects;
  • the evaluation of tangible and intangible assets, businesses, companies and company groups;
  • the start and the management of the bank-company relationship;
  • the development of strategies to improve the corporate rating;
  • the structuring or restructuring of the bank debt;
  • the development of management methods of companies and groups treasury;
  • the development of finance budgeting systems;
  • the management of finance companies and holding investment companies;
  • the management of securitisation projects and companies.
In this area of expertise, Cortellazzo & Soatto acquired a proven experience, especially in the sectors of real estate and construction, of alternative energies, of the agricultural and food industry, of mechanics, of chemicals and of gum-plastics.