Management consulting and business organisation

The growing managerial complexity connected with the competitive dynamics, the current technological evolution and the continuously changes of reference points require companies to keep its organisation and modus operandi constantly up to date, in order to take immediate advantage of market opportunities and to avoid errors or diseconomies. With its own teams of professionals organised according to the specific needs of the task, Cortellazzo & Soatto supports the entrepreneur and the management in the reorganisation of corporate processes, in the setting up and development of the company IT stock and in the development of planning and management models and procedures.

The organisation of its professionals into project teams allows the planning and the implementation of operations to support the companies in complex activities, such as the study, development and implementation of:management control systems;

  • strategic and industrial planning processes;
  • budgeting and reporting processes;
  • sector and competitive positioning analysis;
  • internal audit models;
  • risk management models for enterprises;
  • organisation, management and control models according to Italian legislative D.Lgs. no. 231/2001;
  • incentive schemes for employees and management. 
With the progressive diffusion of digital technologies, an efficient company organisation needs a developed organisation of the company information systems. In this context Cortellazzo & Soatto has acquired a proven experience in company situations in which the organised and dynamic management of the information plays a leading role, making use of a team of process analysts and IT consultants capable of supporting:
  • the selection processes of ERP management systems;
  • the implementation phases of ERP management systems supporting the selected software house;
  • the setting up of Electronic Document Management systems, also with legal value for “electronic storage”;
  • the assistance to administration departments in their periodic extraction of business information for data entry in reporting systems.