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Merger & Acquisition 

The planning and implementation of extraordinary financial operations such as merger and acquisition, assignment, splitting and spin-off, exchanges of stocks and shares, involving companies, businesses and company units, due to the complexity and multiplicity of the aspects and disciplines involved, require the coordination of legal, tax, corporate and economic-financial skills.

Cortellazzo & Soatto handles these operations by organising its own professionals in teams, according to the nature of the appointment and the specialist skills required and assist the entrepreneur and the management right from the first contact with their counterparts up to the closing of the operation, in the following activities:

  • operational project management;
  • checking feasibility of strategic, economic-financial, organisational, legal and tax aspects;
  • evaluating tangible and intangible assets of the operation;
  • analysing the performance and evaluating the economic return of the operation;
  • due diligence at the behest of the buyer or the seller;
  • search and selection of equity providers or partners;
  • search and selection of debt providers;
  • managing negotiations and drafting contracts;
  • preparing corporate deeds, articles of association and shareholders’ agreements;
  • setting up company networks and defining network plans;
  • assisting in the implementation phase of post-closing operations;
  • drawing up of sworn estimates.
Cortellazzo & Soatto or its professionals are appointed by the Courts for the drawing up, according to law, of sworn estimate reports about the assignment of companies, assets and credits and for checking the exchange ratio in merger and splitting operations.

For activities that require the appointment of non resident professionals or the accomplishment of fulfilments in Foreign Countries, Cortellazzo & Soatto collaborates with qualified professionals of the international network to which it belongs.

In this area of expertise, Cortellazzo & Soatto acquired a proven experience in the food, information technology, chemical, electrical-electronic, gum-plastics, mechanical, real estate, metallurgy and public works industries.