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Project Financing

Project financing has assumed a leading role in the implementation of large public works.

The procedure for selecting the Borrower and negotiating the project, economic-financial and legal aspects with the Lender involves the need to manage complex relationships with public and private players who take part in the construction and management of the public work.

The success of project financing operations, therefore, requires not only the technical and entrepreneurial skills of public works’ engineers, constructors and project managers, but also specialist economic-financial and legal skills.

Thanks to its skills and experience acquired over the years:
  • in consultancy and economic-financial and legal assistance to groups of companies involved in the construction of large public works;
  • in consultancy and assistance to Public Administrations in drawing up feasibility studies, Catchment Area Plan and Water Basin Plan (economic-financial reports), or through its participation in proposal Assessment Commissions;
  • as professor of project financing at Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione Locale del Veneto;
Cortellazzo & Soatto provide consultancy and support for such specialised activities as:
  • preparing the Economic and Financial Plan and management of the relationship with the credit institution appointed to certify the plan;
  • preparing the risk matrix, quantifying the option offers to the Lender and sensitivity analysis;
  • drawing up of the draft concession agreement and negotiating with the Lender Administration;
  • preparing tender invitations and quantifying assessment parameters;
  • legal assistance in the relationships with the Lender up to the signing of the Agreement;
  • legal and economic-financial assistance in the relationships within the structure of the proposing part or of the Borrower;
  • legal and financial assistance in the negotiating the debt of the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle);
  • legal and economic-financial due diligence of the Project;
  • recruiting financial partners;
  • assistance in the relationships with the Licensor Administration during the concession period.
In this area of expertise Cortellazzo & Soatto acquired a proven experience in the sectors of motorway, logistics, harbour, hospital, energy and sport infrastructures.