Tax consultancy and assistance

The national and international tax legislation is evolving continuously and requires a constant and prompt update of company’s specific procedures and expertises.

Cortellazzo & Soatto assists companies, groups, institutions and individuals with their ordinary tax fulfilments and in the relations with the State and Local Tax Authorities.

Cortellazzo & Soatto offers tax planning, consultancy and assistance, using its own multi-disciplinary teams of professionals as needed:
  • in extraordinary operations such as: mergers, splittings, transformations, liquidations, stocks and shares operations, concessions, assignments and acquisitions, including transnational operations, of firms and companies;
  • on tax matters concerning companies, groups, special tax regimes, real estate properties and other funds, non-trading institutions and non-profit organisations, trusts, generation taking overs and family covenant and IAS/IFRS adopter;
  • to foreign groups operating in Italy;
  • in drawing up transfer pricing models, with the aid of the instruments recognised by the leading international financial Organisms and Administrations;
  • in the management of problems related to the relationships with tax heaven countries;
  • in the tax optimisation of investments and capital sources;
  • in the tax optimisation of restructuring and turnaround operations;
  • during tax audits, in the settlement of inspections and assessments;
  • at all different levels of disputes regarding various taxes.
For activities that require the appointment of non resident professionals or the accomplishment of fulfilments in Foreign Countries, Cortellazzo & Soatto collaborates with qualified professionals of the international network to which it belongs.